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A Collection of Tabletop RPG Forums


For updates, corrections, or if you'd like to see a forum added, email: jimmy@yeoldegamingcompanye.com


Ye Olde Gaming Companye Community Forums: Ahem.

Pen & Paper Forums: For table top RPGs in general.

RPG.net Forums: Very large general RPG forum.

Dragonsfoot Forums: For 1st and 2nd Edition AD&D and similar games.

Swords & Wizardry Forums: Regarding the S&W RPG and some contemporary games.

Goblinoid Games Forums: Makers of Labyrinth Lord RPG and others.

TheRPGsite Forums: A general RPG forum.

Knights & Knaves Forums: For original D&D, 1st Edition D&D, and similar RPGs.

Kenzer & Company Forums: Makers of Hackmaster RPG and others.

Wizards of the Coast 4th Edition D&D Forums: For the latest edition of D&D.

The Grognard's Tavern: For old school RPGs and new RPGs with old school flavor.

H�rn Forum: For H�rn, H�rnWorld, H�rnMaster and RPGs in general.

Steve Jackson Games: Makers of the GURPS RPG and others.

Dumpshock Forums: For the Shadowrun RPG.

You Meet in a Tavern: For Game Masters in general.

The Dungeons & Dragons Archive: A resource forum for 3.5 Edition D&D.

White Wolf Forums: Makers of the Vampire RPG and others.

Call of Cthulhu Forums: For the Call of Cthulhu RPG.

EN World Forums: A general RPG forum with a focus upon D&D.

Houses of the Blooded Forums: For the Houses of the Blooded RPG.

Mongoose Publishing Forums: Publishers of the RuneQuest and Traveller RPGs and others.

Green Ronin Publishing Forums: Publishers of the Mutants & Masterminds RPG and others.

True20 Forums: For the True20 RPG.

Burning Wheel Forums: For the Burning Wheel RPG.

The Petal Throne Forums: For the T�kumel setting and Empire of the Petal Throne RPG.

Candlekeep Forum: A Forum for the Forgotten Realms.

Basic Roleplaying Forums: For the Basic Roleplaying RPG.

OD&D Discussion: For discussion of the original version of D&D and other classics.

Official ICE Forums: Publishers of the RoleMaster RPG and others.

The Forge Forums: For independent press RPG game design.

RPG Bomb Forums: General table top RPG forum.

All Games Considered (Podcast Pen) Forums: RPG news and community.

Dragon's Landing Inn Forums: Podcast and general RPG forum.

The Vorpal Network Forums: Podcast, news and RPG community.

Alpha-Omega Forums: For the RPG by MindStorm Labs.

Necromancer Games: Makers of d20 RPG products.

The Kyngdoms Message Board: For the Kyngdoms online 3.5 fantasy roleplaying world.

Critical Fumble.Net: General table top RPG forum.

Paizo Messageboards: Forum for the Pathfinder RPG, other RPGs and Paizo community.

RPG Life Forums: General table top RPG forum.

Pied Piper Publishing Forums: Makers of 'First Edition' OGL products.

Brave Halfling Publishing Forums: Forum for publisher of old school/retro clone RPG material.

Deniable Resources: A community forum for the Corporation RPG.